Stop Ocean Pollution In 6 Seconds

And so the ad says, “Stop ocean pollution in 6 seconds.” “Stop using straws”. Ok, great. I applaud caring. I care too. However, why is the solution for me to stop using something that I want to use? When it comes to eating at a restaurant, using a straw is a good thing from a “sanitary” perspective. There is nothing morally wrong with straws.

Here’s an idea: Instead of trying to convince others to stop using tools for the sake of the environment, why don’t we learn to make these disposable tools from safe, soluble materials? Well, you know, we already can. Let’s do it rather than placing guilt on everyone.

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    Clear Plastic Biodegradable Straws 200 Bulk Pack. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With a Compostable, Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly Drinking Straw! Individually Wrapped, Proudly USA …

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    Apr 09, 2018 · Biodegradable, Compostable Straws. Biodegradable Straws Are Made from Renewable Materials and Are Compostable. Use these biodegradable straws for drink service in your bar, restaurant, cafe, or convenience store.

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    World Centric ® straws are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute and meet ASTM standards for compostability. Our Ingeo™ products are guaranteed to break down in 2-3 …


    Renewable & Compostable Straws are the ideal finishing touch for cold beverages. Made from PLA, a plant-based plastic, these straws go perfectly with our GreenStripe® Cold Cups. They also fit our …


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