Where did God come from?

Where did God come from? From a Christian perspective, Bible based of course, God is the Creator, not the created. He is of old and is everlasting. God as described biblically as eternal and has existed for ever and ever. He is the beginning and the end. Now an evolutionist might believe there is a God of some sort but the view is from the perspective that life has evolved from some mysterious force of energy. An atheist or other similar individual may not believe in a God at all and perhaps may tend toward evolutionary thought. Life, from the non believer aspect, has evolved from some sort of accidental event In reality, there are a lot of different opinions and beliefs in the world, these are reflective of only a few.

Whatever the case may be, I propose that God does exist and that He is as the Bible explains. Naturally, there are skeptics who aren’t convinced. Folks such as me are further convinced (or rather “cemented” in belief) after such time as being baptized into Christ. I am not talking about a casual “It would be nice to be baptized today.”. I am talking about a sincere belief based on significant thought, research, prayer and action. As promised, according to the New Testament, a believer who is baptized receives the gift of the Holy Spirit. The belief is then deepened into ones inner self as the Spirit enters. This is hard to grasp for the non believer.

Perhaps the question “Where did God come from?” is only relevant to those who at least believe there is a God of some kind. For those who do not believe, the question is more of a challenge. You, the believer, are obviously ignorant because no one can prove that God even exists, let alone where he came from. For me, the premise that there is no God is completely absurd. Further, the origins of God are not explainable nor (so far as I can tell) understandable. We are the created living in a created world bound by physics and time. As vast as the universe is, seemingly and likely infinite both large and small, it is the created physical realm consisting of matter, space and time. Within an infinite space of nothing coexists an infinite physical creation. This is only what we see.

I recently found this video that reflects what I am talking about. A man by the name of Reinhold Schlieter (Embry-Riddle University) questions Dr. Kent Hovind “Where did God come from?” Dr. Hovind’s answer is priceless. See the video clip here:

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