Who’s your leader Mr. Christian?

Here you are in this big world, full of truths, half truths, lies and deceptions. Unfortunately, that is the way it is. Of course, the truth is staring at you right in the face, but sometimes it can be difficult to see, often requiring effort on the part of the seeker. The myriad of truths and deceptions is no less prevalent in churches across the globe for various reasons, to varying degrees and this is true with regard to leadership roles.

It seems at every turn there is someone who wants you as subordinate(s) to their cause. In the church, this may not be evident until you have been involved for some time, or have openly expressed desire to be a part of an organization or group. Your good intentions can put you at risk. That is, the risk of being someone’s puppet. I am not at all putting forth the idea that involvement in a church is bad. After all, Christ died for the Church. But, allow me to pose some questions. “What is the church?”. Who is the leader? Who are the leaders?

Christ’s church is exactly as said: Christ’s church. The church Christ died for is His. Having accepted Christ as your savior, you become a member of His church. This does not require any formal documentation by any particular church group, does not require signatures, stamps of approval or the like. Becoming a Christian is a spiritual act. It only requires that you accept Christ as your savior and repent of your sins, expressing your decision through baptism. I say, you should not be artificial in doing so. A sincere believer receives the gift of the Holy Spirit as promised. God is the ultimate genius, and he knows who you are. The Holy Spirit is real.

Who then is the leader? If you belong to a church group, you have been or are likely to discover that someone wants to be your boss. This might be with good intentions, but nevertheless you will see it at some point. Now, we all need to submit to one another in many ways, but what does that mean? Well, I do not intend to get into a discussion on submission in this post, but the need to submit to one another does not give anyone a license to be your boss. Yet, in the church, you may find this going on. From a Christian perspective, there is no man as your overseer, only God himself.

God as your overseer by no means suggests that you ignore the will of others. The problem of leadership abuse becomes evident when those in certain roles dictate the dos and don’ts of your life. The reality of things is that God did not make us all alike with regard to our specific desires, talents, weaknesses etc. Yet, time and time again, leaders in churches will want to mold you into their standards for their purposes. You should not forget (nor I) what the church is and who is the leader. The church is Christ’s church and if you have obeyed as Christ taught, you are a member of His church, the members list of which is written by God. And the leader? Christ of course!

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